What we do

Outsourcing of software development process

As Software House we develop tailored software solutions suited to particular customer's needs.
Geosolution supports customer in gathering requirements and based on that we design optimal architecture and develop the desired product.

Usually we start cooperation delivering a project. Constantly building the relationship and trust the cooperation becomes wider and can be transformed into regular outsourcing of software development and maintenance process.

The value of efficiency we deliver to Customers comes from experience and knowledge, but also is based on competitive pricing model.


Majority of our project is done using Java (J2EE) and .NET (C#, ASP.NET) technology based on relational database (Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL).



How do we reach? Simple following few rules:

  • We Listen!

Because we believe, that what makes outsourcing work is transparency and clear communication.

  • Play as a team!

Because brainstorm is the source of innovation and the key to success based on new and creative ideas.

  • Questions?

Is it useful? Is there a better solution? Everyday we work to make the software more functional.

  • Build it!

Because designing optimal architecture to develop desired product is the key to success!

  • Watch the clock!

Because we deliver what you need when you need it! Learn more about our project menagment and development process.

Geographic information systems

GISGeosolution is a different kind of outsourcing company - we listen to our clients and create solutions with brilliant simplicity!

Geosolution has got a unique expertise in all the major GIS technologies, such as:

  • OpenSource components,
  • ESRI,
  • Intergraph.

That is why we can also advise which technology would be compatible with particular solution.
Our experience involves the following elements of the GIS systems:

  • Geoportal,
  • Services related to INSPIRE web services (WMS, WFS, WFS-T, CSW),
  • Metadata and catalog services creation (INSPIRE and OGC),
  • Extension of existing solutions according to INSPIRE requirements,
  • Web application design and implementation with map component based on Google Maps API or MapQuest API,
  • GIS and SOA integration, document workflow software or CMS,
  • Data acquisition,
  • Spatial data transformation,
  • Web portals based on CMS with map component,
  • Spatial analyses,
  • Geocoding,
  • Database design (Oracle, PostGIS),
  • Spatial audit solution.



Modern times require a fast action to current events. There is a need to instant access to information and data management from everyplace at every time. The solution are more and more advanced mobile applications.

We observe dynamic development of mobile technologies. Each version of the operating systems offers the new opportunities, but also technological challenges. Our team begins an each project from the reseach and choose the best technology for the customer requirements and his mobile device. We face the novelties and always stay current. Each mobile app becomes our showcase. We aim for creating the most intuitive and efficient applications. That’s crucial for mobile solutions. All applications that we create fit into the global trends. We offer the applications for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

Geosolution, seeing the new demands and trends, from the very first focuses on mobile solutions. Due to the numerous internal projects we attain the knowledge and experience which lets us to diversify in the field of mobile products. The result is a lot of implementation on the market.

It's early days of RnD Geosolution within mobile solutions reach to Android 2.2 and Windows Mobile 6. Currently we design and make applications modishly, using the latest versions of platforms:

  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Windows Mobile / Phone.

We make the applications in native languages and technologies enabling cross-platform programming such as PhoneGap. We use the most efficient web technologies, among others, AngularJS, Famo.us and Ionic. Our team, which is constantly developing their interests and passions, is always stay current with the latest mobile technologies. 

We know that the success of a mobile application depends primarily on its usability. That’s why we rely on the knowledge and experience of our team. We make sure that the app interfaces that we design were the most attractive, smooth and transparent to the user. Our team is also experienced in developing applications for the visually-impaired or applications for geolocalization.


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